Lash Bath
Lash Bath
Lash Bath

Lash Bath

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Specially formulated for Lash Extensions to improve lash retention overall health of your natural lashes. 

Packed with anti-microbials and calming ingredients derived from organic coconut oil, this soothing formulation will keep lids and lashes clean, healthy and nourished.


1. Dispense 1- 2 pumps onto your flock applicator or foamy cleansing brush.

2. With your foamy cleansing brush, close your eyes and gently swipe downwards on your extensions. Ensure to cleanse around entire eye area.

2. Rinse with water.

4. Pat lashes dry or allow to air dry.

5. Once dry, brush through your lashes with a with mascara wand/spoolie to keep your lashes fluffy and improve retention and keep your lash fans looking their best!

Wash once daily for normal/dry skin and twice daily for oily skin.

Nothing to Hide - Made in Canada all HCE Products are certified Vegan and are Cruelty, Sulfate and Paraben Free.